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Organic. A word we hear ALL the time. In the dictionary it is both an adjective ‘relating to or derived from living matter "organic soils" (like our peat) and a noun produced or involving production without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or other artificial chemicals. (like our ingredients).


To me, and osmotically Bog, organic translates to so many levels of life. 


A huge risk in starting any business is to decide not to pay for advertisement. Why would you do that? Well, in the realm of beauty and skincare the best always comes organically. Whether that be a friend, celebrity or someone whose look you just admire, you find yourself thinking: “WHY do you look so good?” If it’s a friend, we ask their secret; if it’s a celebrity, we google their beauty tips and if it’s someone else, perhaps we Instagram stalk them a little to search for product recommendations. So how does that relate to Bog?  Bog’s true ethos ALWAYS needs to come from word of mouth. Through outreach and sampling, I hope my first customers love the products as much as I do - and are  just as eager to tell their own friends and followers.


As someone with a HUGE fear of needles (I mean actually LITERALLY crying at the doctor, as an adult), I have had to be resourceful at keeping my skin looking as youthful as my friends’. It’s no secret that no product will rival botox for results. But what is less well known is that peat has an incredible ability to stimulate collagen production, thereby helping to subtle plump out lines and wrinkle. This - plus some face yoga, thanks to Camilla at luminous face yoga - mean I have held off on booking any aesthetic doctor appointment that I will likely cancel at the last minute ( and therefore be charged 100% of the doubtless extortionate fee.)


One can’t use the word organic and not talk about food. I make a conscious effort to buy organic and ethically sourced, and also think about what the foods I eat do for my skin. No one is perfect, and I certainly have some guilty pleasures. That being said, the thing I look forward to eating most every week is the Chicken & Vegetable Bone broth from Daylesford. I immediately feel good from the inside out. The rest of my family has decided to join in on the love affair, so a significant portion of fridge space is reserved. If you haven’t tried it….well let’s just say you’re missing out.


This brings me to my main love, organic skincare. As with food, organically grown ingredients have higher nutrient levels, without the chemical residues that can irritate skin or potentially cause long term harm in the body. Skin absorbs whatever you put on it - so I practise the same care when buying groceries as what I put on my skin. Our organic face masks and organic serums are results driven formulas with the purest form of ingredients. When organic skincare is used in a thoughtful routine with effective formulas skin can achieve the same effects as with synthetic skincare.

When organic skincare with effective formulations and potent ingredients are used in a thoughtful routine, the results can be just as impressive as synthetic skincare. Try it and see!
X Milana 

All our products are 100% organic and vegan shop them here.