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How do I place a return or exchange?
What are your sheet masks made from?
Are your masks recyclable?
Is your packaging recyclable?
How much does postage cost?
How will my order be shipped?
Does Bog Skincare ship Internationally?
Does Peat combat rosacea?
Is shopping on secure?
What credit cards do you accept?
What should I do if my order is missing or something is wrong?
How do I check the status of my order?
Can I modify or cancel my order?
Does Bog Skincare test on animals?
Are the masks vegan?
Are the masks gluten free?
Are the masks paraben free?
Are the masks certified organic?
Where are the masks made?
Do you sustainably source your peat?
What fragrances are in the Hydrate and Revitalise mask?
What fragrances are in the Energise and Detoxify mask?
Are the products safe to use when pregnant?
Can the masks be reused?
Can the masks be used on all skin types?
Are Bog masks good for problem skin?
Is Peat hypoallergenic?
What is a Bog Body?
What is a Bog?
What are you doing to protect Bog environments?
Can I return every part of my Bog Skincare product to be recycled - mask, packet, and all packaging?
How can I return my sachet packaging and mask liner free of charge?
What is the Terracycle®  ZeroWaste Box?