We are Bog Skincare: organic skincare specialist with a love of peat. The story of our organic face masks has a fascinating beginning. An Irish farmer, out for a stroll, made the shocking discovery of a young man’s body immersed in the bog of his land. When the authorities came, they determined that the body was in fact 2,000 years old. The nutrient-rich, organic peat which formed the surface layer of the bog had perfectly preserved the body, keeping the skin in near perfect condition for centuries.

At Bog, we decided to harness the astonishing, skin-preserving power of this 
peat to create an organic skincare collection. Milana Wood, Bog’s founder, had first started searching for an organic skincare solution when pregnant with her daughter, after discovering that all her favourite products either irritated her skin or were not safe to use. After research led her to discover the powers of Irish organic peat, the result was Bog; a certified organic skincare collection which promotes healthy, smooth, youthful skin.


Bog Skincare’s products are all natural, 100% organic, paraben free, gluten free and sustainably sourced, with a percentage of sales going to Friends of the Earth. No products or ingredients are ever tested on animals.