Bog Skincare is passionate about taking care of the environment. From our sustainably sourced peat to small scale, ecologically sound manufacturing process, each element of production is designed to create as little waste as possible. Thanks to our initiative with Terracycle® ZEROWASTE, we are proud to state that our products are 100% recyclable.

We offer every one of our customers the opportunity to return empty packets and used mask liners to Bog Skincare to be recycled, entirely free of charge.

So as you immerse your skin with the benefits of Bog Skincare’s organic natural ingredients, relax in the knowledge that your beauty routine has left no footprint.


Sustainability is key to our ethos, and our status as an organic skincare brand. Peat bogs are the unsung heroes of climate control; in some ways as critical as rainforests for the air we breathe. Peat bogs cover only 3% of the earth’s surface but actually store more carbon per metre than any other terrestrial ecosystem - around 500 billion tonnes of it. Or in other words, the humble peat bog contains 67% of the total carbon within the earth’s atmosphere.

Peat taken for gardening purposes is from bogs that are drained and then dug up at an industrial scale and then spread around which releases carbon. This process is damaging and devastating. 

The way we get peat extract from our Bog for our products is a very different process. To receive our organic certification we went through rigorous testing with IOFGA proving we do not disturb the bog and delicate flora and fauna in any way. The peat is hand extracted and pressed to release the extract. We then replace the mud to where it was extracted where it regenerates. 

All products are sustainably sourced, and a portion of every sale is donated to Friends of the Earth, a charity working to protect the natural world.